Until recently, my answer to the question "If you could meet anyone, Who would it be?"  was "Nobody." 

I mean, I love Leonardo DaVinci, but I heard his hygiene wasn't top notch. I used to be crazy about Geddy Lee, but even at my craziest I didn't really want to meet him (what if he sunned me?). I won't even go to Egypt because I want that country to stay the way it is in my imagination. 

But then there's Maria Montessori. If she could come back to life, or if I could travel in time, I would so invite her over and serve her tea in beautiful white cups. I'd offer her a slice of the bread Sophie and I had just baked. And I would just sit there and listen to her. And I would learn so much just from observing her interact with my little girl. 

Oh, and I'd tell her, "Thank you. You changed the world. You still are."