Tiny Sophie loving her carrots.

Tiny Sophie loving her carrots.

Sophie was five months old when her pediatrician asked what plans we had for her first solid meals. 

For months, I had dreamed of giving Sophie what I remember my mom feeding my baby brother: banana, gently scraped with a tiny spoon. I checked books and websites, and they all said this was good.

"I'll give her banana," I told Sophie's pediatrician.

With a warm smile, he wrote a note down and asked me what else. 

"Rice cereal," I said. This was another romantic one for me. My childhood friend and I fed our dolls (and ourselves) papilla de bebé.  

The doctor took note again.

"Is that good?" I asked. 

Looking straight into my eyes with his warmest, most enthusiastic smile yet, he said, "No."

Like so many other times since Sophie appeared on the horizon, my mind hiccuped a little. The way to this doctor who gives consultation in Manhattan only one day a week happened in a way that felt divinely inspired. Plus, he came highly recommended by both my midwife and my Ob-Gyn. I listened.

"You're going to start her with vegetables."

Okay now my mind exploded. 

"First you're going to give her root vegetables: sweet potato, carrot..."

He kept telling me one by one the veggie groups to introduce while writing down the list for me:

1. Root vegetables

2. Cruciferous

3. Sea veggies

4. Other

5. Green leafy

"No fruit until they are in season. No avocado. No banana. No cereal." he wrote on his prescription pad. 

The root vegetables, cruciferous, and sea weed were easy. When we got to #4, the squash and the peas made her tummy runny. This made me worry a little, but soon her body was fine and took the food well.  

Later, when Sophie was seven months old, her pediatrician wrote in detail how to gradually introduce broths and meats. He told me not to give any grains until nine months. Whoa! 

Although trusting, I confess I was a bit skeptical at times. But now I see the reasons for this different way of weaning. Sophie eats everything. She loves her veggies! A very common complaint for older babies and toddlers is constipation, especially during potty training. Thankfully, Sophie's tummy works very well. And she's not a carb addict like her mom.  

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